Monday, November 28, 2011

DIANA STALDER: Algae Peel Off Masks

Diana Stalder by Dermaline introduces it's newest Premium Quality Algae Peel Off Masks, The Casmara Prestige.

Having a wide range of peel-off masks, you will surely find the perfect mask for your skin type. From shiny, oily face, or for people who has dry and wrinkled face, or if you wanted to try the botox alternative: a-no-needle-meaning-no-pain-botox that will give back your face a fresh-looking and elasticity for younger looking face.

They offer these masks: Reaffirming Mask 2020, Green Mask 2025, Vitamin Vegetable Mask 2030, Sensitive Mask 2040, NOVANEW Mask 2045, GreenTea Mask 2050, R6tense Mask 2060, RGerin Mask 2055, and C-40 Bi-Phase Soya Mask Anti-aging.

Top (Left):  Reaffirming Mask 2020;
Bottom (L-R): RGnerin Mask 2055 and Sensitive Mask 204
Diana Stalder Face and Body Skin Care Center by Dermaline, Inc., is the Philippines pioneer in skin care and wellness since 1996. A member of the Swisse-Phil Holdings Corporation, Diana Stalder by Dermaline, Inc. has twenty corporate and franchise branches nationwide.

Diana Stalder by Dermaline Inc. is well known for its service and product innovations in skin care therapy that are compliant to the highest quality standards set by local and international authorities, such as, the Food and Drug Administration, Department of Health, the Confederation of International Beauty therapist and Cosmetology, the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology and the International Medical Spa Association.

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