Monday, August 1, 2011

With Clarity, We Can Be Visible

I know that everyone wants to be noticed by many. Every woman desires to be complemented on how they look physically. Similarly, guys wanted the same attention. However, we are not all born perfect so others opt to hide under the shadows.

Others also find their own way how to be visible by being weird and sometimes being awfully creepy. Sometimes, others look good by being weird but not all can carry that kind of look which can lead them to people staying away from them. Who wants to be noticed but people are laughing  behind your back or even worse scared to be close to you? Not me.

Now, we can be visible without people staying away from us. With Clarity, We Can Be Visible.

Clarity offers a wide range of services in dermatology, dentistry and plastic surgery. Clarity carries the same expertise of Healthway, the name that brought medical services in top malls, which guarantees that only licensed and professional doctors attend to the client's every need.

Last July 28, bloggers were invited to their one-stop shop clinic for their new campaign, Be Visible. With this campaign, Clarity urges people to step out of the shadow, claim the limelight and get noticed.

Clarity offers affordable services for as low as PHP500 because they are making it possible for everybody to be beautiful.

"Clarity believes that the road does not end in being aesthetically pleasing. Being beautiful is being visible. Being visible, meanwhile, is putting that beauty into action. To achieve more life, one has to be visible in their chosen endeavor. At Clarity, being able to show what they got, show their self-confidence and become noticeable, that is visible."

Clarity doesn't stop in empowering ordinary people to be beautiful through their services because now, for everybody's total transformation, Clarity partnered with John Robert Powers, a leading personality development center in the Philippines, and Zest Air, Asia's refreshing airline. 

People behind Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center
"With Be Visible, we are offering free consultations, customized beauty plans from Clarity doctors, and discounted to free offerings from John Robert Powers, Zest Air and other partners," Dr. Ma. Karen Lipana, Dermatologist, said.

To know more about Be Visible, visit Clarity Aesthetic Medical and Dental Center at the 5th level of Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong City. Or call 910-4956 to 58 or 0916-CLARITY (2527489). Or visit

Edwin Padillo
892-7838 / 0906-2016122

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