Tuesday, September 6, 2011

090611 First Time in Violet

With Borgy Manotoc
photo credit: pinoymanila.com
It was a great day for me so I was in the mood to fix myself up. (Yep, its not a bad hair day for me and it just followed me perfectly all day!) Iwent to this event along Taft Ave. to meet a couple more bloggers I haven't met before.

I was a bit hesitant to wear this violet satin top from my a thrift shop because it's sort of loose on the chest area wherein I am not gifted with. Also, I have doubts with violet, I know that color never will suit me.

But much to my surprise, I didn't know that this top would fit me perfectly! I paired this with black leggings and a yellow wedged heels. (I wanted to wear my black pumps but I had to change it because it wont fit me! I have to bring it back to the shoemaker and complain again)

For more photos visit here.

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