Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kiss 'n Make-up Holiday Giveaway

Oh shiz. I have been eyeing on this brush set for weeks now and why am I so late to see this Holiday Giveaway by Kiss 'n Make-up. But hush my dear self, I still have a couple more days and could have a shot of winning these fabulous prizes!

Ms. Sheryll, owner of Suesh Make-up Toolkit will be giving away a Suesh Portable 3-Way Led Lighted Mirror with a price value of Php 8,000 ($190), a Suesh 7-pc Brush Set which values Php 2,400 ($55) and a Purple Suesh Color Palette.

This giveaway runs until December 22, 2011, so for those not-so-early-to-know-readers like me, we can still join the Holiday Giveaway!

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