Friday, May 4, 2012

My ZALORA Wishlist

High school is supposed to be about being young, fresh and fashionable, but I guess I'm a late bloomer and fashion was never part of my lifestyle then. When I stepped college, I usually wore not so girly stuff, but my friends started being fashion forward and I guess birds with the same feather flock together. I was very conscious on how I look and what clothes to wear even if we were only allowed to wear civilian clothes every Wednesday. But I can honestly say I love Wednesdays because I got to wear anything I wanted, even wear boots on campus! Of course with my friends around I feel more confident and being fashionable now is just an ordinary thing.

But as years pass by, I got tired of my eccentric style and I don't wear boots now. (lol) I guess seeing my closet running out of what's in in the fashion world makes me feel sad and opt to wear just anything on usual days and panic when I have an event that needs to be a little more fashionable.

Upon receiving an e-mail from Nuffnang on "My Zalora Wishlist" contest, I got excited and took me weeks to decide on which 5 products I wanted. I was really torn between high-rise pumps over cute flats, or big and chunky accessories over the ones I really can wear anytime of the day. Or what color and style of bag, dress, or top. I was really going gaga over the millions of choices from the list, but I only need 5 items. I should know my priorities and stuff I do not have yet that could be useful in the future.

That makes Metal CH watch on top of my list. I have always dreamed of having a "pimp" watch, or should I say I really needed a watch of my own. Yeah, I'm using my sister's watch! (lol) Anyway, there's only two colors from this collection and I fell in love with the white strap combined with a gold face. I was cringing over it it looks delicious. (read: OA mode on. Okay I should stop drooling over this)

Second on my list is the RAF Kyoto Birkin Bag. I never owned a bag of my own, I usually just borrow it from my mom. I love this classic design and it is very spacious. The bag's design can go with casual jeans and plain top or a very colorful dress.

Third is Feiyue Fe-Lo Vintage (Canvas) sneakers. I recently purchased a pair of sneakers but since I have a small and petite size (size 4) I bought the wrong pair. It was too small for me and it opt not to wear it when I needed to. I just have to change that pair!

Fourth on my list is Nima's kimono dress with elephant print and back cutout. I saw one of my high school batch mate wearing this for Nima's photoshoot. I really love the print and the arm and back detail. I have recently been into animal print lately and the design is simple yet a standout.

And for my last item on my wishlist, I have always dreamed of having a pair of sunglasses from Dolce & Gabanna. When I got invited to an event, they gave away a pair of D&G shades, it was a bit heartbreaking because they only gave it to the celebrities. Also, my eyes are very sensitive under the sun and this big shades should be part of my must-have list.

There are seriously a lot of items to choose from Zalora Philippines. I wish I have more money to purchase more! Please do checkout their site here.

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