Friday, August 3, 2012

My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks is giving away Snoe products!

Since today is my rest day and I have nothing to do, here's another giveaway I am sharing from  My Gorgeous Pink Cheeks!

She is giving away Php 2000 worth of Snoe Products!

  • (1) SNOE Boby Wonderland Slenderizing Gel (2) SNOE Hair Heroes Cleansing Conditioner in Super Fresh
  • (3) SNOE Body Ritual Recipes Fresh Custard Face and Body Powder in Tropical Cocktail
  • (4) SNOE Body Ritual Recipes Sweet Hair and Body Glaze in Nectarine Ginger Tea
  • (5) SNOE Body Ritual Recipes Honey Bath Syrup in Nectarine Ginger Tea
I am excited for theses babies! Join now if you want to win too! See the link above for the deets. :D

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