Friday, September 23, 2011

Marithé + François Girbaud SS'12: Denim Overload

Marithé + François Girbaud featured their classic 90's cut and style jeans with graphic tees saying "Rebel not Criminal' on their Spring/Summer 2012 collection during the New York Fashion Week. Models from different ethnicity represented well rebellious yet cohesive fashion statements, with  pocket chain details styled torn tees and tank tops, and belts worn across the chest.

Orlando Magic's Dwight Howard, opened the show not as center of basketball but as the center of attention of the runway. He carried a symbolic globe and received gratitude from Girbaud for representing the present generation and passing the responsibility for saving our planet to the future generation

The show was divided into four parts: Heritage x Color Denim x WattWash x Rebel not Criminal: each look showcasing cool casual look with a rebel attitude. Denim, of course, is the highlight of this show but layering of graphic tops over button-up blazers and crew-collard shirts was very evident as well. Models walked the runway with their feet and legs covered in white paint which is rather unusual.

The models wore the original signature x-collection jeans with fly-label detail and styled with layered graphic tees and blazers during the Heritage portion. Models wore layered cotton tees (Spring 2012 color scheme) and jeans with paint splatters for the Color Denim presentation. For the third part of the show, the WattWashGirbaud used advanced technology to wash the jeans. (jeans and textile effects, and G2, atmosphere wash to fade the denim) The final part displayed the future wash treatments of Girbaud, in which the models wore lab coats printed with logos of their signature jean modifying techniques.

Note: Marithé + François Girbaud is producing eco-friendly garments.

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